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About Beattie Intenscreen

Over the past 35 years, Reflexite Display Optics has become a world leader in microreplicated polymer optics. We manufacture a diverse array of microstructured optical components for display applications, including components for projector light engines, rear projection systems and screens, backlighting systems, microdisplays and overhead projectors.

Reflexite Display Optics (formerly Fresnel Optics) is located in Rochester, NY, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Reflexite Corporation of Avon, CT. Reflexite is an employee owned (ESOP) company. In the late 1990's we purchased a business of brightness enhancing screens for the photographic industry from a former customer, Beattie Systems. Our Beattie Intenscreen® line is primarily a consumer, after market product. However, we have expanded this business to include some camera OEM's.

We offer the widest variety of brightness enhancing focusing screens, with over 350 screens available for hundreds of the most popular 35 mm, medium format and large format cameras. To accommodate the diverse needs of the photographer, there are several varieties of Beattie Intenscreen available within each camera product category, including:

  • Plain Matte
  • Plain Matte with Grid
  • Horizontal Split Image
  • Horizontal Split Image with Grid
  • Diagonal Split Image
  • Diagonal Split Image with Grid
Plain focusing screens, which are similar in appearance to traditional ground glass screens, offer an unobstructed viewing image and are ideal for outdoor and landscape photography. Split image focusing screens, situated either horizontally or diagonally, provide centrally located focus assistance and are a good choice for wedding and portrait photographers. In most cases, both plain and split image screens are available with an optional grid pattern for architectural and other precision photography.

Virtually all Beattie Intenscreen products are designed, manufactured and assembled in our Rochester, NY facility.

About Beattie Intenscreen

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