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Reflexite is the world's leading manufacturer of microstructured, polymer optical components for the Management of Light®.

Display OpticsDisplay Optics - We manufacture microstructured plastic optical components for the Display Industry, including Fresnel lenses, fly's-eye integrators, microlens arrays, lenticulars, prisms and lightguides. Applications include digital projectors, microdisplays, rear projection TVs and monitors and LCDs.

Reflective ProductsReflective Products - We work to enhance visibility and safety worldwide by developing, manufacturing and marketing retroreflective products based upon Reflexite's proprietary microprism technology.

Instrumentation OpticsInstrumentation Optics - We manufacture a wide range of microstructured diffractive and refractive optical elements for both visible and infrared wavelengths, including motion detector sensors, digital imaging lenses and light pipes.

Lighting OpticsLighting Optics - We offer standard and custom highly engineered microstructured optical solutions for the lighting industry. These microprisms help direct and manage light at very specific angles, allowing fixture manufacturers an additional degree of design freedom.

Telecom OpticsTelecom Optics - We manufacture microlens arrays, gratings, collimating elements and subwavelength structures for telecommunications applications, including DWMD and switching.

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