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Low available light can be one of the most frustrating conditions in which photographers are forced to work. The lack of contrast and image definition make it difficult, if not impossible, to bring your subject into sharp focus. Heavy shadows, dimly lit rooms and evening shooting schedules often result in soft images, not to mention tired and sore eyes. Beattie Intenscreen® bright focusing screens help eliminate these problems making it easier to get the perfect shot.

35mm Format 35mm Format - Many sports, nature and astro-photographers use 35mm cameras because the wide selection of telephoto lenses make it easy to get close to the subject. However, longer telephoto lenses, particularly zoom lenses, often have a smaller maximum aperture making them slow and difficult to focus in low light. A Beattie Intenscreen® bright focusing screen will increase image brightness by 1 to 1½ stops, making it easier to focus on distant subject, even when using a telephoto lens.
Medium Format Medium Format - If you have ever shot a wedding, you know that dark churches and poorly lit reception halls can make focusing a nightmare. With a brightness gain of 2 to 2½ stops, Beattie Intenscreen® makes a world of difference in medium format shooting.
Large Format Large Format - Large format ground glass focusing screens are notoriously dark and difficult to focus. The Beattie Intenscreen® combination of a Fresnel lens and an antireflective glass cover plate increases the view through your 6x9cm, 4x5", 5x7", 8x10" or llx14" camera by up to 4 stops! You will never have to hide under a focusing cloth again.

We offer a wide variety of brightness enhancing focusing screens, with over 350 screens currently available. While it is impossible to offer a screen for every camera, Intenscreen is available for hundreds of the most popular 35 mm, Medium Format and Large Format cameras. Several screen variations, including grid patterns and split image focus are available within each camera model product category.

Screen Variations
To accommodate the diverse needs of the photographer, there are several varieties of Beattie Intenscreen® available within each camera product category. Most 35mm and medium format Beattie focusing screens are available with either a plain matte focusing surface or with split image focusing.

Plain focusing screens, which are similar in appearance to traditional ground glass screens, offer an unobstructed viewing image and are ideal for outdoor and landscape photography

Split image focusing screens, situated either horizontally or diagonally, provide centrally located focus assistance and are a good choice for wedding and portrait photographers.

In most cases, both plain and split image screens are available with an optional grid pattern for architectural and other precision photography. The drawings illustrate the six varieties typically offered for most 35mm and medium format focusing screens. Not all styles are available for each camera model.

Basic Screen Types
Basic Screen Types

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